You must be well rounded in all areas of life. If you find an aspect of your life lacking, you must constantly work until it is where you want it to be. You have thousands of resources all around you that can help you in all areas of life. What we here at The Camp Transformation Center have created four pillars that you will find success breaks down into. Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finance.

Faith -

Faith is defined as the complete belief and confidence of something or someone. You need to have COMPLETE TRUST. Knowing what is going to happen in your life before it unfolds. That vision that drives you each and every day. When you have the utmost faith, that is when you will see things in a different perspective. Faith dampens stress. Why? You don’t have to worry about what might happen, because you know what will happen.

Family -

There are two types of family. The one that you are born with and the one you create. You can’t pick the family you are born with, BUT you can choose to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that have the same goals, visions, and drive as you. We welcome you into our The Camp Transformation Center family. To help you grow, develop, and flourish in life.

Fitness -

This is a big one for us. Health is wealth. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have your health, what do you have? We all come in many shapes and sizes, but we can actively control our physical well-being. When you put good in, you get good out. Both in exercise and diet! You must aim to maintain peak physical shape, while practicing good diet and exercise habits.

Finance -

You want it all? Go out and get it! No one is stopping you! Just because a typical workday is 8 hours, doesn’t mean that’s all you can do. You have 24 hours in a day. That leaves you 16 additional hours to GRIND. Sleep is important, but as you will find out, your goals will become more important than sleep. People want to be rich, well off, and successful, but they still want their nights and weekends. At some point you will have to give up SLEEP, FRIENDS, and FREE TIME in order to get what you want.